Human Computer Interaction & Information Visualization – Clothacular

For the HCI class, Robert en I have created a website where user can buy clothes online. 

Not everybody has time to go shopping for clothes: parking in the city, walking from store to store, trying several outfits from which you only know if they fit your style after you put them on. It can be very time-consuming. Online webshops like Amazon and Zalando already combated the first of these problems, but what if we also fix that last point?

This is why we came up with a website named “Clothacular” with which to answer the following question:
Would people buy more clothes when they see how the clothes would look on them?

With “Clothacular”, you don’t have to worry about the clothes you buy not fitting the style of either your own clothes or the other clothes in your shopping basket. By using an avatar, users will be able to see how a new potentially pretty combo would look like before they buy it.